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Koloro mod apk is an application that makes it possible to edit images through many presets and advanced editing functions. You will find these type of resources easily and will take the time to find one that suits your needs. Other than that, the editing doesn’t stop there as users can find advanced editing features as well. So it’s a tool that no user should ignore.

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Nama Aplikasi Koloro
Kategori Fotografi
Versi 5.5.3
Perangkat Disarankan 4.3 atau Lebih
Ukuran 28 MB

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If you experience Koloro’s Lightroom presets, you will surely be very impressed with the presets this app offers you. This is a diverse list with many different colors that users can easily use. When you launch the main interface of the app, you’ll see these preferences and a button with a plus symbol to add an image and start the editing process. You will take the time to learn about these types of resources.

They are similar to the filters you find in other photo editing apps and you have to pick the color that you think is necessary. Just touch a preset and you will see the image change color and repeat the process until the correct color comes up. Apart from that, you can also find keywords above the presets to make searching easier and avoid the hassle of swiping.


Aside from using presets, you certainly won’t be ignoring the color correction feature of Lightroom Presets Koloro. This is important as the color presets are most likely not what the user wants. So, once you’ve selected the appropriate preset, start the advanced color correction process which allows the user to discover its various features. They are divided into tabs that can be used by users.

They are placed in an order and all you have to do is follow that order to learn and over time you will gain experience in using it. At the same time, these functions have in common that they all have sliders. With this slider you can adjust the frequency of the editing elements. You drag, your image has certain changes and you will edit it until you feel it is what you want.


Once you’ve completed your image after the editing time, you can archive or use your work through Koloro’s Lightroom preferences. The products you edit can be customized for today’s social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and others. Even if you don’t have too many ideas for editing your pictures, don’t worry because this app allows users to share their editing recipes.

It comes from the function of exporting images with QR codes; When the user scans this code, the adjustment parameters in the image will be safely applied to your image. So you will be spending a lot of time looking for that photo of the QR code on many different platforms and you will need to save it so you can use it later. At the same time, you can also create such recipes yourself and share them with friends who use the app.

You can now download Koloro Presets for Lightroom for free. Here are some pointers:

Some devices that use Google Chrome to download have a “Cannot open file” error. This is a Chrome bug, please open it with your file browser.

Please read the MOD information carefully to avoid the mod not working