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Motion Ninja is one of the most impressive video editors for Android that we should definitely try. The latest mod version of this software is also available on our blog and allows you to download it for free.


Introducing Motion Ninja

In recent years, the development of video maker software is undeniable. From average programs for amateurs to skill features. In the retouching software industry, video creators are now using image retouching more and more as vloggers and YouTubers are growing.

In this big world, Motion Ninja requires certain qualities to be loved. This app recommends professional programs for editing videos with stunning animation effects. Few software can match Motion Ninja’s level. Currently, the software is one of a kind with over 20,000 downloads when it recently debuted. So, what about Motion Ninja that rates this software highly?

Mission Motion Ninja

It’s not difficult to find a video maker on Google Play who can help us edit and customize. But will the end product be good enough? If we are looking for a Hollywood effect, Motion Ninja is the best. This gives you the ability not only to edit your clips, but to add to them. This app combines the most advanced visual effects in 25 MB, so that every smartphone can use every finesse.

This digital video creation kit allows busy travelers and vloggers to get clips right away. It aims to replace the big pack of photoshoots and make everyone an expert. Would you like to brighten up our profile with some sensations?

Motion Ninja Mod Apk Features

In order to become the preferred software for video creators, Motion Ninja offers the following spectacular features:


  • Impressive video editor

Motion Ninja focuses its technology on enhancing video products. However, it also aids in mastering photo retouching. Almost everything we find in video adjustments can also be applied to images.

After using this software to customize your visual product, export is the necessary step. Because it requires more memory to run, the export seems to take longer than any other operation. Nevertheless, we secure your waiting value. The last item published by this software looks bigger and definitely unique for your like wave.

  • Mainframe animation

Motion Ninja offers the first effect – Keyframe. This will better highlight the action scenes in our video. By submitting our clip for this first retouch, we will see an immediate improvement.

  • Fashionable addition

Stickers and text are inevitable for any video maker, including Motion Ninja. However, the collection here looks spectacularly colossal. The sticker library ranges from banal to very trendy images. In addition, you can access a wide range of fonts and typos. For soundtracks, the library has songs divided into different groups. Don’t forget to customize your melody with this feature. The fade in and fade out effects are in place to make our clips awesome.

  • Chroma Key

Chroma Key gives us a Hollywood blockbuster effect. If you’re promoting an action scene, this effect adds to the emotion you’re trying to convey. The effect includes appropriate filters and timeline so the user can easily enter the effect at the desired second.

  • Archival footage

In stock footage you will find trendy screens like Thug Life or Blueprint Effect. Also, there is the green screen or countdown effect that we love in Hollywood movies. Since this snippet doesn’t touch much, our video finds a unique vibe.

  • Special effects

Effects are common sense that every type of video maker should provide. In Motion Ninja, that’s not enough. The most popular filters you can find here are VHS and Glitch, with 100 more to choose from. We think this can be a selling point for Motion Ninja for those who like music video effects.

This feature promotes a dramatic feel. You can use it to exaggerate your sadness or send sad messages. For Android phones, this might be the best after effects video software you can find.


  • Video speed editor

Besides traditional video editing features like trimming, splitting and merging, this software also offers speed adjustment features. You can speed up or slow down the image flow. Another advantage: the video will certainly stand out as an amateur product.

Another video editing app that you might like is Powerdirector PRO.

Download Motion Ninja MOD

If you want to access all the features of the app, you have to pay to add it to the PRO account. Here are the benefits of the PRO (VIP) package:

  1. Unlock all premium content including stickers, music, filters, video effects, transitions, animations and fonts.
  2. Unlock blending mode and green screen.
  3. Remove ads
  4. remove watermark

There are many ways to add an account. We can purchase monthly, yearly or lifetime packages. There is also an option to purchase a number of features in the PRO package individually if you wish. Don’t worry because if you use Motion Ninja MOD provided in this article, we can enjoy all PRO features for free.


Versi 2.8.1
Size 55 MB
Android 5.0 Android and Up

Download Motion Ninja Mod Apk


As more and more people want to become professionals in retouching activities, Motion Ninja becomes indispensable. It is as useful as a magic pack that includes a professional video creation kit.

Its use seems so simple that anyone can try it without many tutorials. Exactly what TikTokers and Instagramers will die for! There is no reason to resist this amazing software, don’t waste your time and install it right now!