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Panda Gamepad Pro APK is an application that allows you to connect a gamepad to your phone for simpler control and manipulation.

Currently, there are many shooting titles that use a lot of buttons on the screen, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, … and if you do not train a lot, it will be difficult to control them skillfully. However, with this great app, you can hook up your gamepad to make managing and controlling it simpler and easier than ever.

Panda Gaming Studio aspires that gamers will be able to play games on their phones more simply so that they can develop Panda Gamepad Pro. Although this is only a beta version, it is already the most interesting for many people. So what are the salient features? Come find out with me!

Download Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk

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Keymapper is specially designed for gamepad

First, you have to open the game through this application to connect the gamepad to your mobile device. Then, Panda Gamepad Pro will give us a classic gamepad with pre-set comprehensive features. And then you have to connect the buttons to match the touch buttons on the phone screen. So, after the installation and customization process is complete, your last step is to join your favorite game and give it a try. Simple, isn’t it?

Amazing Features of Panda Gamepad Pro Mod

The first amazing feature is the simplicity of the interface, the user can fully explore the features of this application. Simplifying the interface of the application makes players feel comfortable because they can get used to it easily.

Not only that, Panda Gamepad Pro is designed with not only a simple interface but also many other great features. For other apps, you have to clone your app to use the gamepad. Then there will be two similar apps on your home screen. This is a minus point because sometimes you will get it wrong with normal apps and inactive handles will waste your login time again. But Panda Gamepad Pro allows users to use the app directly without duplication.

Apart from that, the app also has a number of other features such as allowing you to sign in and sync settings with your Google Play account. This is more convenient if you want to reinstall a device or buy a new phone, we can still use the settings you edited earlier.

Limitations of Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk

In keeping with the advantages of this app, there are still many limitations because it is still a trial version. Panda Gamepad Pro fully supports only the wireless gamepad but does not accept the wireless keyboard mouse. Therefore, we need to write this to avoid asking why the app is not accepting devices.

The big negative point of this app is that you have to root. Phone rooting is known to be risky and can turn our phone into bricks in an instant if something goes wrong.

However, another way to activate the application is that you need a computer to run external players. The publisher also offers comprehensive instructions and you just have to follow them.

Like I said, the app is in beta, so game performance can be affected. Adding third-party apps to interrupt gameplay can overload the game and use less memory, which can lead to vibrations and lag for poorly configured phone when playing.

How to install Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk

We may not know how to download from outside the PlayStore, and you can follow all the following tutorials:

1. First, you can download this Panda Gamepad Pro Mod Apk, on the above Download button

2. Then select an external storage for files and folders, select the application mode and wait until 100% of the files are saved when the download is complete.

3. After successfully downloading the game mod apk, ask to activate “Unknown sources to install apps” in the settings of our smartphone.

4. Then find the Game Mod folder you downloaded earlier, then select Install app, then wait a few minutes.

5. After the successful installation, you can launch the game mode and access the many features in it.