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Are you looking for a professional portrait editor for Android? Polarr is definitely a good choice. Download our latest software mod to experience the PRO features for FREE!


Introducing the Polar app

People! Polar should be one that everyone can benefit from. And more than a typical portrait editor, it opens up a whole new world for pictures. Polarr doesn’t have many new tools, but its main focus is advancing the wearer’s skills rather than shaping them into trends.

If we’re not sure which editor to choose, how about simplicity? The app offers this as a world that is easy to use but open to development. Here below are the privileges for you.

Since the advent of public image, people consciously think about editing software, from images to videos, casual effects to artistic vibes. With the growing attention on social media, photo editors have long grown in importance.

Polarr is one such software, but with a little twist. While developers aim for mobile editing apps to be more advanced and professional, this app provides the basics.

It will take the necessary first steps, such as: B. Building a foundation for you before you can move on. Creating blockbusters, movies, or 3D images sounds tempting, but Polarr thinks you should start with the mixing and layering first.

Normal polar

Polarr has the usual tools here that we need to retouch photos. Let’s put trendy effects aside for a moment and talk about our professional looking techniques.

Face editor

This is good news for those who like to take pictures. This app helps us to create breathtaking looks. All facial features can be retouched as long as you have Polarr.

For example, you can thin your lips, whiten your teeth, or slim your chin. This isn’t software specifically for human characters, but you’ll be surprised how it works.

Of course, if you are looking for a dedicated portrait editing tool for selfie portraits, we recommend FaceApp.

Color retouch

The first lesson to become a great portrait editor is to mix colors and draw colors accordingly. In the Polarr library you will find two sections to improve your skills.

Selective masks give you the ability to control brightness, exposure, and blending. We should learn to embed layouts in specific images to liven up the atmosphere. Brushes are an option that allows you to stray far from reality.

The layout collection seems to be another spectacular place. Here the scaling is used to create a background, to mix colors or to create a weather function. Usually other software combines these two elements into one filter. Essentially, artists are rarely satisfied with ready-made options.


As long as your account is on Polarr, your created content can be synced across devices. The same happens with your saved styles or favorite brands. As we intend to commit to this software, syncing becomes even more helpful.

Global editing tools

Apart from that, this software includes common editing tools like rescaling, tones, effects, frames, grain, etc. No matter how professional we can get, these are the steps to review before doing any more retouching.

If you don’t need too much editing, Polarr has you covered when it doesn’t fill you with overwhelming business.

Downoad Polarr Pro Mod Apk

Download Polarr Pro APK 2022 – Latest Version – for Android for free if you want to easily turn your photos into stunning professional photos! Create endless styles with tons of templates!


Versi 6.2.5
Size 53 MB
Android 8.0 Android and Up

Download Polarr Pro Mod Apk

Exclusive Features in Polarr Mod Apk

But don’t aim for Polarr as the default device. In the application we find enough space to express your own and under the support of the application. Here are the important things.


  • AI selection tool

Polarr offers artificial intelligence support. The usage here is to classify the imported image into smaller chunks so you can retouch smaller chunks.

Details create perfection, and that goes for working with Polarr. It takes a lot of work, but the results are worth it.

  • Multiple layouts

Besides the traditional layout, this software offers trendy options. For example, a heartwarming layout with two colors combined gives us a healthy style. Have we tried?

In addition, noticing the effects of weather such as sunlight and natural brightness can also create a trend. It would be better if you experienced it yourself.

People can’t just be the center of your artwork when you can choose every element. Sky, buildings, ground, or plants can add context after you explore the right layout.

  • Face recognition

Why do we train with Polarr, this software also captures and recognizes human faces. Knowing where the faces of an image are located can help when correcting the portrait. If you want to customize a face character, find the exact angle you want to change. The more accurate, the more realistic the image will look.

  • Fast styling

Photos should be exported to your gallery after all retouching. The unique thing here is that you can record these touches in a style.

The system gives us a QR code with a name for this effect if you want and you can save it for future use. Next time you expect the same brightness, exposure and effect, go for the saved style.

This feature is very similar to the presets in Lightroom. If you want more customization, we can use this software to free up that usable space.

With Polarr you are free to be creative. A lot of software can do that too, but it doesn’t help us to save the man-hours.

Usually you have to create everything from scratch, although in the end it can’t be 100% the same. You will soon realize how valuable this QR collection is.

  • Share style

Share the effect you achieved on social media in a QR code for others to try. If we’re sure of your taste, why keep it to yourself?

Other people will also post it on Pinterest. So you can get the same effect as them without a headache. Thats is quite easy.

It is recommended to follow Polar styles on Pinterest. Save the QR code and edit the image. If you want to apply the effect, enter the QR code and you will immediately see the software on your portrait. Change the numbers if you like.