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Do you have a hobby of singing? Or you want to sing your favorite song on your mobile phone? If so, you can try to install the Smule app. With this application, you will be free to be creative in singing. Whether singing alone (solo) or in a duet with others.

You don’t have to be good at singing, because the unlocked Smule Mod VIP app that you can also use to train your singing voice. In addition to that, this karaoke app also has its own music library which is quite large. However, there are also some songs that are not available in this Smule app library. Before downloading this app, we will first discuss what Smule Mod VIP apk is and what is in it.

Review Smule Mod VIP Unlocked

Smule is currently a popular Android karaoke app. In this app you can sing by covering your favorite songs or duet with other Smule users. It will definitely be very exciting if you vent about your hobby or singing talent on this platform. Anyone can also use this app, all you need is to register a new account in the best karaoke app for Android.

So, what is the difference between the regular Smule VIP app and the Mod version of the Smule VIP app? So, for the regular version, you have to pay to access the VIP features. While in the mod version, you can access VIP features for free without having to pay Smule. why? Yes, because this mod is a modified version of the original Smule app. There are not many changes, just that the mod version unlocks all the features that were previously locked.


Download Smule Mod Apk

In fact, you can download this app for free through the Google Play Store. However, as we explained earlier, to get full access to all the features, you must become a premium or paid member. So, we will provide the download link for the latest unlocked version of Smule apk mod VIP for free below. Therefore, you no longer need to pay to be able to enjoy all the benefits of VIP members.

Versi 8.8.9
Size 48 MB
Android 4.4 atau lebih tinggi

Please Wait in 15 Seconds.

Features of Smule Mod VIP Apk

This Smule mod VIP app has many features that you can use, such as the following facilities and features:

  1. You can sing karaoke with millions of choices of song titles. There, you can also sing with the accompanying music and lyrics.
  2. You can also record the song you sing and then master it first before saving it.
  3. He can sing solo or duet with other Smule users.
  4. Voice sounds can be edited with a wide range of effects available in this latest version of Smule VIP mod effect studio.
  5. You can activate the feature that works to correct pitch in real time while singing.
  6. You can make video music using this app. Just record your singing and add fun clips.
  7. You can also use video filters to make your shots look even cooler. There are many filters available, such as Vintage, Selfie, Black & White, Sepia and Fight Club as well.
  8. There are features to add a touch of visual effects, such as smoke, fireflies, bubbles, and many more. This way, it will definitely make your recordings more interesting.
  9. You can share your work by uploading it to Smule Songbook and showing it to more than 50 million users of the best karaoke app.
  10. You can not only share in the app, but you can also share on many social media, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
  11. It can be a duet with many famous artists, both domestic and international artists.
  12. There are various types of music genres in this app, such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, K-pop and many more.
  13. There are absolutely no ads in this old version of Smule mod VIP app.
  14. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.