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Youtube is indeed an option when we are looking for entertainment or information on the internet. But are you aware that the growing popularity of YouTube, the more advertisements in the video appear when playing.

Maybe for most people this matter is very annoying. After all, when playing YouTube music with the cellphone left, the ads that are present are sure to make it annoying to see that we have to click “skip”

So for those of you who like to play music in the previous article, we have also shared the free Spotify premium software which is of course ad-free. There is also a Netflix premium Apk specifically for drama enthusiasts.

Download YouTube Premium Mod Apk

Versi 17.09.33
Size 59 MB | MB
Android 4.1 atau lebih tinggi

Download YouTube Premium Mod Apk

Download File MicroG Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium Mod Apk features

YouTube Premium does offer many features that are not available in the free version, but to experience YouTube without ads, you are required to subscribe. But don’t worry, by using the premium version of the YouTube software, you won’t spend a penny, aka free. The following features the youtube premium mod apk.

1. Ad-free

The YouTube premium mod application is completely ad-free, you can relax and feel music or videos without any advertisement interruptions.

2. Background Play

The video will continue to play in the background even if you close the YouTube software, this is very useful for those of you who like to listen to music via YouTube.

3. Multitasking

You can minimize video to take up a small portion of the screen, so you can do different things on the equipment simultaneously.

4. Dark Mode

You can change the background to dark or white according to your taste, this feature is most useful for eye comfort for every user.